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An Australian company, Redback Boots is owned by the Cloros family, which has been producing boots since the early 1900s. Our company is owned and operated by 100% Australians, and our boots are also handmade in Australia. Our workforce and their future job security are our main concerns, not only because the Cloros family owes their good fortune to Australia, but also because we believe Australia is the best country for our business.

In addition to being tough, Redback boots are also smart. Smart thinking has been a hallmark of our business since the early 1920s, when Stanley, Bill and John Cloros – fisherman and boot maker by trade – moved to Italy to seek their fortune.

It has been nearly a century since the Cloros brothers jumped on a steamer for Sydney and began a tradition that has grown into one of Australia’s most renowned manufacturers. Despite a situation where fewer and fewer products can claim to be manufactured in Australia, Redback Boots has expanded its range of high-performance Australian-made specialist footwear. The company exports these boots to over 20 countries around the world. In addition to rock’n’rollers in America, Pennsylvania miners and oil riggers in the Timor Sea prize Redbacks for their rugged ‘Aussie’ quality. This pair of boots showcase everything that’s great about Australia, and they are the only foreign-made boots that the US military uses.

Redback has relocated its factory to a state-of-the-art architecturally-innovative facility in Alexandria, Sydney, where they are now able to produce nearly 1.5 million pairs of boots annually. The range now includes footwear for work, hiking, and casual use. In spite of this, each pair is still handcrafted and finished by our skilled staff in Sydney using traditional high-strength innersoles. We are responsible for the futures of hundreds of families and we never forget this. George Cloros remains proud to export Redback’s Australian craftsmanship across the globe.

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